VMS (Vessel monitoring system)


The VMS dual channel (satellite and GPRS) transponder was specifically developed for the monitoring of fishing vessels in the harsh Persian Gulf waters.

The terminal has an integrated design in which all electronic circuitry, antennas, GPS receiver, GPRS and satellite communication channels as well as back-up rechargeable batteries are housed in one compact unit above the vessel’s deck.

All EU reporting data is transmitted via an Thuraya satellite based communication service (SCS). The GPRS channel is primarily used for inshore reporting, which is formatted to conform to national and inshore requirements.

Key features:

  • Developed to monitor fishing vessels in harsh Persian Gulf waters
  • Monitors vessels or assets remotely over air in near real time, with high frequency reporting
  • Cost effective approach with no GPRS roaming charges
  • Meets or exceeds EU commission regulations and commission implementing regulations
  • Compatible with Electronic Logbooks
  • Safety and general alert functionality
  • Dynamic reporting, including travelled routes and distances