Video Surveillance

With superior IP streaming speed of up to 384Kbps, Thuraya empowers surveillance missions to help save lives with real-time HD video monitoring across vast distances. Thuraya network and broadband terminals sync seamlessly with live-imagery applications and other data-monitoring peripherals. 

Surveillance footage is easily compressed in real-time and shared over Thuraya’s secure satellite network with HQs and command centers. The video applications typically feature user-definable frame rates and sizes, and enable many global viewers and decision makers to remotely control the cameras, adjust field of view, and relay video data from multiple access points.

Video surveillance via Thuraya’s satellite network is integral for Government, Relief, Marine and/or Enterprise sector missions in: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Search And Rescue (SAR), coast guard monitoring, disaster management, land and border patrolling, forest fire prevention, environment protection, pipeline monitoring (even underwater), and more.

Thuraya stays by you, throughout your watch.