Enabling Powerful In-flight Connectivity


Cutting-edge satellite data unit for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts

TH-HGA 6000

High Gain Antenna control for steady in-flight communication


Enabling duplex satellite communication while providing a low noise amplifier

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With SDR ARINC, you can manage all mission and flight deck communication systems onboard your aircraft, now and in the future.
TH-ARINC SDU is a standard SDU in ARINC 600 format (2MCU) for fixed-wing aircraft. It will be the second SDU version made available and will come with a VIP Turbo Aero for aircraft installation with existing avionics equipment installations. Unlike its flange mount counterpart, SDU-ARINC does not offer effective sand and dust sustainability. In later releases, TH-SDU-ARINC will deliver added capabilities for embedded data encryption and 2-channel TH-SDU-AR with an additional slot for 2nd VIP Turbo Aero.
TH-ARINC SDU guarantees vibration and shock durability (DO-160G - Cat. S (M,L,B) and channels external forced airflow (vertical) through the ARINC unit.

TH-HLD is a High Power/Low Noise Amplifier, built to:

  •  Connect the SDU with the antenna system
  •  Reduce overall box-count, system weight and complexity
  •  Support applications like phone calls, email, web browsing and VPN
Designed as a single component or broadband single-channel system, the High Power/Low Noise Amplifier (TH-HLD) interconnects Aero’s SDU with the high gain antenna. In transmit direction, the ­HLD acts as a High Power Amplifier to provide the required EIRP to the Thuraya satellite. Similarly, in receive mode, the HLD acts as a highly sensitive Low Noise Amplifier to amplify the receive signal from the antenna system.
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