Asia AIS

More power and higher transmission rates to improve your navigation and safety aboard.

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AIS Class B SOTDMA technology

Based on AIS Class B SOTDMA (Self Organized Time Division Multiple Access) technologies, the Asia AIS is transmitting with high priority as Class A "commercial" units. The transmission slots for the next 4 transmissions will be reserved automatically. Even in areas with high traffic volume the Asia AIS is always able to send out position reports because SOTDMA has got the priority to regular AIS Class B units using CSTDMA (Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access). By means of SOTDMA the Asia AIS is able to do higher transmission rates to enhance the visibility of the AIS position reports on AIS capable systems and screens.

NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and USB port connectivity

The Asia AIS comes along with a huge range of connections by default. 1x NMEA2000, 3x NMEA0183 (In/ Out) as well as 1x USB ports are ready to go. WiFi or LAN are optional, as well as DVB-T2/FM/DAB+ module.

Integrated GPS receiver

The built-in GPS antenna increases the independency of mounting the Asia AIS device aboard. Only power supply and VHF connectivity is needed. This is very convenient for all the fiberglass and wooden hull vessels.

Internal VHF splitter

The default built-in VHF splitter enables user to use VHF radio and AIS with the same antenna. No separate installation needed. A pre-amplifier reduces physical loss to the minimum.


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