Intelligent Sensing of Environment

PartoTapRayan Weather Station System includes various sections which is able to integrate the country’s meteorological systems. By using IoT and the possibility of integration with remote sensing technologies the information are collected in climatic zones and this Big Data are analyzed by utilizig Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide the highest level of management in a variety of target areas. By measuring temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, radiation intensity, soil nitrogen and salinity the monitoring procedure begins (physical layer) then information and climate change are sent to cloud servers by utilizing secure transmission networks. By utilizing Big Data architecture and after analyzing information and statistics, the processed data are stored in database.

Asia Telemetry/IoT platform is an efficient and simple set consisting of software system and hardware sensors that can easily collect your desired data from the fields through various sensors types and display on any device connected to the Internet, such as smartphones, tablet and your computers. The architectural structure of this system is in the form of a smart mesh communication network between nodes that can send the encoded parameters and information instantly to the cloud through Thuraya T2M-Dual.


  • Integrated SOS module (Savior Operating System) Notify via SMS and
  • mobile application
  • Preservation of information history
  • Crisis Management and Fault Tolerance
  • Manage your teams and plan for their work
  • Monitoring On-line information and various timely decisions
  • Precise interaction achieves high-level monitoring
  • Measure the climates parameters and share the information
  • Integration of various networks
  • Synoptic weather station
  • Various user-friendly dashboards for classified personnel

Network of loT nodes
units and cloud

Online information
Analysis and insights

Warnings for: Freezing, Extreme heat Rainfall amount, Wind speed, ….

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Asia Telecommunications Company is National Service Partner of Thuraya satellite company in Iran. It is based in Tehran and distributes Thuraya’s products and services in Iran.