Asia Platform


Asia Platform software is designed and produced by Asia Telecomm Company in order to aggregate and integrate the data sent and received by all Thuraya satellite modems and GSM modems and display them graphically. Thuraya satellite modems work in three modes of tracking, data logger and modem, which can be used in tracking, telemetry, IoT and SCADA.

The Asia Platform software receives data from GSM or satellite sent by the relevant modems, and by identifying the device ID and analyzing the received message, stores the data in the database tables and displays the content of these message by sending them to the graphics software.

Here are some of the features of Asia Platform:

Possibility to define 20,000 different devices on each server

Send commands to devices from databases or graphics software

Define access levels to different parts of the software

Save backup file from database

Fuel consumption management

Routing tools

Create circular, polygonal and linear Geofences

Animation of movement paths with the possibility to display all sensors and parameters

Create an unlimited number of report templates using the advanced report

Create alerts based on message type

Create jobs and execute an action automatically in the given schedule

Light, Speed. Everywhere.

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Best-in-class, high-speed connectivity on the high seas

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Thuraya Repeaters allow you to use Thuraya handsets in an indoor environment that does not have satellite coverage.

It’s Your World. Your Phone. Your Call.

The Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL is the world’s first dual-mode

The world’s smartest satellite phone

Asia Telecommunications Company is National Service Partner of Thuraya satellite company in Iran. It is based in Tehran and distributes Thuraya’s products and services in Iran.